As far as i remember i’ve started ricing since mid 2019, using Arch linux as my distro. I used bspwm as my window manager for my first rice, and at first i didn’t know that it uses key combinations only.

After hours of googling, getting frustrated and reading the wiki, i somehow managed to work with it.

I was a newbie at ricing so i started to look on the subreddit my friend suggested me i.e. r/unixporn.

After going through many posts, i finally made my first rice as you can see below in the screenshot.

BSPWM Arch Rice

I posted this on the subreddit, here’s the link. Upvote if you like it :)

After 3-4 months

Unsatisfied with it i tried many DE’s like Unity, KDE, Budgie, Gnome, and many more. I then found out another window manager named i3wm.

By that time i was familiar with configuring these window managers and customise them. After hours of customising and configuring the dotfiles, you can see the output below!

i3 Arch Rice

You can find all the dotfiles for both the rices here.